Under Armour


Brand Design | Animation

Under Amour’s new product, the Swacket, needed promotional motion material to accompany the launch.

I was a lead designer for on-screen text, background effect animtation, and 3D fabric manipulation. 

Additional details
The slash element in the ‘A’ was used as a transition tool, which allowed me to define the split utility of product itself as well as lockup text in each frame. Snow, rain, and light particles were used in a variety of ways, primarly out of focus in varying speeds to help bring the product to the forground.

Marketing for this product went alongside promotions for the launches for Coldgear Elements and Boxer Jock. The videos had to live in both online and retail spaces while designed in a way that allowed for cut downs into shorter pieces that could be shared through social media.

In addition, content had to be prepared in eight different languages for distribution in global markets. To add to the challenge, Swacket didn’t exist as a product in the market place, so Fifteen4 created the product animation based on digital renders of the fabric.

Client : Under Armour
Agency : Fifteen4