Animation | UI Design

Nest’s first campaign to demonstrate the power of taking an ignored household item and turning it into something that changes the way you live.

When the prototype came into the office, I remember how baffled we all felt. It was cool, for sure, but it somehow didn’t totally make sense why. As I got to play around with device more, it became clear there it wasn’t just about “new”. It was about getting back to a mindset where we had real relationship with our dwelling.

I contributed to the campaign animation and live action demo.

Live Action Campaign

An lifestyle demo showcases the ease of installing the Nest and how it use it.

For the shoot, we built a wall to house the thermostat. This allowed for separate dimensions of time. In the foreground, the thermostat could exist on its own while family life occured without distraction in the background. 

The UI hadn’t been completely realized, so I had the chance to refine and polish what went into the final product as well as what would show in demos and the mobile app. 

Animated Campaign

The animated video is an explainer to help visualize how the thermostat learns and finds predictable patterns in your day-to-day.

We focused on a paper style to create a pop-up aesthetic that allowed for easy transitions and highlightable colors. A combination of 2D and 3D was used, alongside some rotoscoping.


Published videos can be viewed here:

Client : Nest
Agency : Teak