Brand Design | Motion Systems

I had the honor of being part of the small but mighty team that successfully designed and delivered Indeed’s new identity.

My primary role was lead UX motion designer for Brand Systems. This entailed guidance, prototyping, and distribution. The rebrand also required multi-functional involvment, so I additionally took lead to audit and establish new styles for iconography and illustrations, incorporating other brand assets like color and typography. Fortunately, they got motion too.

Let’s take a look at how it all works.

Motion for Indeed

Outside of the most basic interaction states, Indeed lacked clear direciton on why, how, when, and where motion mattered within their product space. To garner user trust while maintaining accessiblity, I developed a foundational system that enabled support throughout the entire job seeker and employer journey.

After looking through a large part of the product space, I created core motion states that could estabilish support for any of Indeed’s needs.

  • Scale: enables focus and draws awareness to a useful feature
  • Segment: helps to reveal or remove in order to create space for information
  • Slide: educates by demonstrating spatial awareness to users

Using those core states, teams could begin to identify their moment for motion. These five moments cover the most supportive needs. They may appear obvious, but that’s because they aren’t supposed to be overly complex. They allow for a way to establish a structure of what needs motion and how it gets it.

To demonstrate real usage, I developed an example starter sheet so teams could quickly figure out their page formula and begin proposing motion within their prototypes. As stakeholders began asking for validation, designers and engineers could quickly show proof behind their decisions.

Motion Guidance

Choreography and timing played a critical role in how components and features presented themselves. It was important to establish both functional and expressive moments to ensure the motion felt right and could easily be scanned. This also included a common axis for directional motion and layer depth.

Choreographed moments were designed with a range of easing and duration properties.

Motion in Product

Brand Range

Here’s how it all came together. The identity work updated all core elements, with only the logo remaining the same. Hopefully, in time, that will get a lift as well.


We also built a website dedictated to this work. See more of it here at