Filming | Editing

Rick Cohen really wanted to go to Sierra Nevada’s annual “Beer Camp”. The rules to get in are simple: Make a 2 minute or less video on why you deserve go and make beer with Sierra Nevada and put cases on store shelves.

So, me and my buddy Danny did what any friends would do and made him a kick-ass submission video.

I spent a day with Rick at his home, captured his process from start to finish, and then edited and rendered the final cut. I also drank a lot of beer.


Rick got into homebrewing because of Sierra Nevada. With 3 years of handcrafting his own beer under his belt, he wanted to give something back. Despite doing everything in his garage, Rick used high quality materials where necessary and had a solid process in place. He also just genuinely enjoyed creating something unique.

The video garnered a tremendous amount of popularity and Rick’s submission hit the number one spot in under a week. Unfortunately, Sierra’s support team lacked the ability to recognize unique votes from the same IP address. When our small office voted for him, they accused Rick of using a bot and cheating to score more votes. Disappointment aside, Rick kept his head up and got back to making beer simply for the fun of it.

Watch the full video here